Which character you like the most in Harry Potter?

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape - or Dumbledore?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Harry Potter turned twenty years old this week, and Potterheads across the globe have been paying tribute to the wizarding world by sharing their favourite quotes from the books and repeatedly taking the Pottermore quiz (opens in new tab) until they're placed in any house as long as it's not Hufflepuff.

When it comes to The Boy Who Lived, we'd say we're pretty clued up. We know that Harry Potter wasn't, in fact, the first Harry Potter, we've pored over every fan theory there is trying to convince ourselves that Snape isn't dead (sob), and we've even attempted some of Luna Lovegood's vegan Harry Potter recipes.

But when it comes to picking your favourite character from J.K. Rowling's masterpiece, who gets the top spot? Which wizard lights your cauldron? What witch do you deem a Keeper?

According to a vote hosted by National Book Tokens (opens in new tab), the public's favourite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger.

Over 10,000 people voted for their favourite, and the bright-eyed and bushy-haired witch raked in the majority.

Hermione narrowly beat Severus Snape, who placed second, and Luna Lovegood who bagged herself a respectable third place. Despite being the protagonist, Harry came in at number six, beaten by his godfather, Sirius Black, and everyone's favourite house elf, Dobby.

However, Harry did beat Dumbledore, which is - quite frankly - outrageous.

Here is the list in full:

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. Severus Snape
  3. Luna Lovegood
  4. Sirius Black
  5. Dobby
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Ron Weasley
  8. Albus Dumbledore
  9. Remus Lupin
  10. Minerva McGonagall
  11. Neville Longbottom
  12. Rubeus Hagrid
  13. Draco Malfoy
  14. Ginny Weasley
  15. Bellatrix Lestrange
  16. Nymphardora Tonks
  17. Fred Weasley
  18. Lord Voldemort
  19. George Weasley
  20. Gilderoy Lockhart

Surprisingly, the Weasley twins were separated in their finishing positions by He Who Must Not Be Named, with people preferring Fred over George.

Even more surprisingly, Ginny made the cut.

Severus Snape is the surprise winner of a poll to find the public's favourite Harry Potter character. With 13,000 votes, the character, who is played by Alan Rickman in the film versions, took 20% of the 70,000 votes cast in the survey from the books' publisher, Bloomsbury. He was the clear winner, beating loyal swot Hermione Granger into second place.

Harry Potter, the multi-million selling series's eponymous hero, only just makes it into the top five, taking fourth place behind Sirius Black but ahead of his chum Ron Weasley, who comes in at a measly number five.

Harry is JK Rowling's own favourite, although she has admitted that she may be unusual in her preferences. "Ron is generally more popular (I love him too, though). Now that I have finished writing the books, the character I would most like to meet for dinner is Dumbledore. We would have a lot to discuss, and I would love his advice; I think that everyone would like a Dumbledore in their lives," she said, before the poll opened.

But not necessarily very visible in their lives – Albus Dumbledore is ranked number eight in the poll, behind the delightfully eccentric Luna Lovegood and Ron's smart sister, Ginny Weasley. Trailing at the end of the top 10 are the house elf Dobby and Harry's rival, the bully Draco Malfoy.

The poll launched in May with a list of 40 characters to choose from. The favourite characters outside the top 40 suggested by readers was Oliver Wood. Fang, Hagrid's dog, and the Fat Lady in the portrait at the entrance to Gryffindor gained the least votes with only one each.

The full top 40

1. Severus Snape 2. Hermione Granger 3. Sirius Black 4. Harry Potter 5. Ron Weasley 6. Luna Lovegood 7. Ginny Weasley 8. Albus Dumbledore 9. Dobby 10. Draco Malfoy 11. Remus Lupin 12. Neville Longbottom 13. Fred Weasley 14. Bellatrix Lestrange 15. Minerva McGonagall 16. Rubeus Hagrid 17. Lord Voldemort 18. Nymphadora Tonks 19. Gilderoy Lockhart 20. George Weasley 21. James Potter 22. Hedwig 23. Lily Potter 24. Lucius Malfoy 25. Molly Weasley 26. Cedric Diggory 27. Alastor Moody 28. Arthur Weasley 29. Kreacher 30. Dementors 31. Dolores Umbridge 32. Moaning Myrtle 33. Sybill Trelawney 34. Rita Skeeter 35. Filius Flitwick 36. Argus Filch 37. Dudley Dursley 38. Vincent Crabbe 39. Gregory Goyle

40. Cornelius Fudge

AbbyOf course my favorite character has to be Professor Snape! I would have to choose this amazing character because he, in the beginning, has a very mean and aggresive attitude. When I would read the Harry Potter series and Snape would ruin another event for Harry I would get very mad at Snape. But, all that changed once I read about Snape's death in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; it brought tears to my eyes. Snape brought even more tears to my eyes when I read about him risking his life every day to protect Harry, and loving Lily Evans until the day he died. My favorite lines have to be before he dies when Snape says, "Look at me." I also like the line that Harry says aboutProfessor Snape in the last chapter as a adult: "One of them was aSlytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew." So most definately without a doubt Professor Snape IS THE BEST CHARACTER


Without doubt my favourite Harry Potter character is Kingsley Shacklebolt... Mysterious, powerful, brave and loved and respected by the wizarding and muggle community alike... If Vernon Dursley respects him then he has achieved the miraculous!

My favourite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood. I love her voice and her hair and she helps Harry Potter in various situations. She is loyal and honest to everyone that I like the most. I just love her.

My favourite character in Harry Potter is Nymphadora Tonks because she is brave, kind, funny and married Remus even though he's a Werewolf. Plus she's an auror which is pretty cool.

V Vidhya Lakshmi
Obviously Severus Snape is the best character in the Harry Potter story. He has been my favorite throughout the series. Since the first book itself, it's very clear that he had been fooling either of the two great wizards, Dumbledore and Voldemort. Its very difficult to "act" loyal to Dumbledore for such a long span of time, almost 17 years. Voldemort could find the deceivers just by looking into their eyes, and Snape could hide that. Hence, since the beginning, his character has been highly confusing and interesting. The tale of his death brought tears before even knowing how good he was, what to say about when knowing the truth. The one line that I really loved in the last book: "One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew"... and so I believe it.

I don't think Snape should be the favourite character. Ron Weasley is my favorite character! I love Ron because he has a temper but when Hermione is being tortured by Bellatrix in Deathly Hallows he is visibly upset and even sacrifices himself for her!

I totally agree that Severus Snape is by far the best character in the books. I'm not sure that Rowling knew how much of an impact his character had for a lot of us. His portrayal of love and sacrifice leaves a lot of room for discussion. I love that Snape produces a patronus even after finding out that his reason for living and fighting (Harry) will have to die in the end. This is a testament not only to Snapes incredible (and unrecognized) talent but also to the strength of his love for Lily and Harry. Snape's love (unlike Harry's) goes past information: he gets new information from Dumbledore about Harry having to die, but his love remains deep within him nonetheless. Information can sadden us but it does not weaken love. In fact it often strengthens love. And love is connected to joy... Not happiness necessarily about the information itself, but joy for the presence and the ability to love the one that is in our hearts. It is this love that brings enough happiness, or joy if you will, (despite the new information) to produce a patronus. Could you imagine using an element of the most horrifying experience of your life as a happy thought because it was so strongly connected to love?! Amazing!

My favourite characters of all the Harry Potter books are Hermione and Draco, but most of all Severus Snape, because even though he can be grouchy he is still human, and I kind of understand him: he's been bullied, abused, and now killed. And he did all this just for Lily and Harry. If i were Lily I would marry him just to make him happy!

Freya, aged 12:
My favourite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape by far. The reason he is my favourite character is because everyone thinks he is nasty and mean (which he is) but no-one knows that he was in love with Lily Evans and all of those years he is protecting Harry. The fact that he died for Harry and Harry's mum made me cry and it still does.

Zhuri:Severus Snape, of course! He has to be THE best character in the whole book. Everything he ever did was all for love and that practically contradicts his whole outward personality. He can be a bit mean, but that gave the book humour. He was amazing because of the way you really have to think about his character structure (which I still ponder on from day to day). He was dangerously skillful in many subjects (e.x potions and DADA). I'm so happy he made the top. This is my list of favourites: 1. Severus Snape2. Luna Lovegood3. Fred and George Weasley (They HAVE to be counted together)4. Neville Longbottom

5. Nymphadora Tonks

My favourite character has always been Draco Malfoy. In the beginning he is a 2-dimensional bully, but as the series progresses he becomes more and more vulnerable. I think as you learn why he is the way he is, you feel sorry for him, knowing he's not really that bad at all. I know I always wondered if he was actually a horrible person; I always used to think that if his father wasn't so vile then he wouldn't be, and I was right in the end. I think as a literary character Draco Malfoy has far more depth than many others and has a far more complex personality, as he feels obliged to honour his family when it is clear he is not comfortable with the tasks set. I personally felt so sorry for him in the Half Blood Prince film, in the bathroom scene because no one but him understands his situation and he must feel very alone. Even when I was younger I always liked Draco and Slytherin because I felt slytherins were wrongly branded as evil. When in fact being cunning, resourceful and ambitious can equally aid a good cause. JK Rowling in my opinion has created a character who takes a journey as the reader discovers more about him, teaching me that things are not always as simple and straightforward as they seem, and that you shouldn't jump to conclusions if you don't truly know a person.

Viraj:Fred and George Weasley are always my favourites. Why? It'sbecause they always have been same as me. They are so funny that I like every sentence spoken by them. And I really felt very very bad

when one of them died. But both of them are just amazing.

My favourite character has always been Sirius Black. Not only is he one cool dude but, despite everything, he tries to be there for Harry anyway he can.

My favourite character in the Harry Potter series is Professor Severus Snape. Why? I chose him 'coz he is a man with a brave heart and he is actually a very nice person. Even though he can be a little strict at some times, he has a kind heart and he's a caring person. Without him, the Harry Potter films will be very boring and no meaning at all. Since Severus Snape has been placed as a very much-loved character in the Potter films, I enjoy watching the films because of him and his story.

Debbie: My favourite is Dobby because:1. He is unbelievably cute (with massive eyes);2. He introduced odd socks into our lives; and

3. He is loyal to Harry until the very end.

My favourite character of all time is Hermione Granger. She is beautiful, smart, kind, and will do anything for the people she loves. She is very loyal and brave and she is a role model for me. I love her most because I am just like her. I love Hermione and Emma Watson for playing her.

My absolute favorite is Professor Snape. He is a complex yet complete character and that's what I love most about him. I started reading Harry Potter back in 3rd grade and ever since the first book, I have always trusted Snape and have never hated him. I myself do not know why this is the case - maybe because of a child naiveness (since back in book 1, Quirell told Harry that Snape was trying to save him and insisted to referee the Quidditch match)? But I have to admit that in book 6, Snape did let me down; however, something deep inside me told me that Snape is a good guy (maybe this is again because of a child's naiveness? After 5 books trusting Snape, I just refused to accept the fact that he is bad). But then in book 7, I was proven to be correct - Snape is a good guy all along. I think this is why he is my favourite character. And also I would like to point out that Snape claimed that he had never been able to teach Harry a single thing. I think this is not correct. Back in book 2, during the duel club, Snape used Expelliarmus which Harry used throughout the whole book to defeat Death Eaters and Voldemort. And also, back in book 1, during their very first potion lesson, Snape told Harry about bezoar and Harry used this knowledge in book 6 to save Ron. MOreover, Alan Rickman added depth to the character and I absolutely love his portrayal of Snape. He's an fantastic actor playing an amazing character. Thanks JK Rowling for creating Snape and for choosing Rickman to play him.

Lupin and Sirius would have to tie for my second favorite.

If you ask me "Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?" 30 years from now, it'll always be Snape.

Adira:Of all the girls and all the boysAnd all the silly little toys,Ginny Weasly takes the crownShe tough and strong with six brothers around.She turns Harry's frown upside-down.

Her love for him is easy to be found.

Ginny Weasly takes the crown.She's the bat-bogey hex queen.Watch out evil, you goin' down.

Her fierce personality is sure to be seen.

Ginny Weasly makes the catch!In Quidditch they're sure to meet their match.She quick and sly,

Slick and shy.

Ginny Weasly, she's the queen.The bravest girl you've ever seen.She's sweet and strongAnd never wrong.Harry agrees,

For it's with her he belongs.

My favourite Harry Potter character is Hermione. At first you think of her as an annoying know-it-all, teacher's pet kind of person, but as the books proceed you see her true character develop. She is very brave - which shows why she was sorted into Griffindor and not Ravenclaw - she is willing to do anything in order to protect the people she loves most. She always has the solution to every problem. Though she tries to hide it, Hermione has a caring, motherly-sort of soul, and is always ready with a comforting word. Hermione is also very proud - she will NOT be insulted, and woe to those who insult her. And she truly stands up for herself and her friends. I love how she is so supportive of Harry - she respects his choices although she sometimes doesn't agree with them. I really don't like Harry, though - he thinks way too highly of himself.

My favourite character is Severus Snape.I love the way he loved Lily Evans, and will keep loving her forever.He deserves her and much more because of all he had done in his liftime even though he knew he would never love her. I disagree with J.K. Rowling for making him die.I love Severus Snape!

Jane (aged 7):
My favourite character is Hermione because she is nice to her friends and very bright and good at school. She always supported Harry and Ron and she thinks of good plans (like jumping onto the dragon to escape from Gringotts in the Deathly Hallows pt 2). That is why I like Hermione!

Sadbh (aged 4)
My favourite character is Luna. I like her hair because it's like mine. And she can see through the back of her head.

Severus Snape is my favorite Harry Potter character since he is the one who's shown the most loyalty throughout the wonderful books. He has shown the true meaning of love in the world and has emphasized it more than even Dumbledore, not through words, but his actions in the seventh book/film. Although he might be harsh with Harry, he kept his promise to Dumbledore and acted on his orders. Harry couldn't have got through his journey to find Voldemort's horcruxes. Snape died in Voldemort's clutches towards the end, and that's when the Harry, Ron, and Hermione noticed the change in Snape. In conclusion, he has shown braveness, loyalty, and love. Long live Severus Snape!

Snape is entertaining, good and bad, always entertaining. Snape is unpredictable. The most pleasant surprise of all.

My favourite character is Minerva McGonagall. I personally think that this noble lady embodies the concepts of loyalty and uprightness. Among all the characters I could choose, Minerva McGonagall remains the witch I admire because, despite of having experienced the lost of love, she succeeded in reconstructing herself. She is the one who stood up against Umbridge's medieval methods as far as the discipline was concerned. Moreover she took part in Hogwarts battle without doubting only a second that Harry Potter was the chosen one. On the one hand, the reader may clearly think that McGonagall's authority creates a sort of border between him and the wonderful witch. However this boundary collapses once the reader discovers the deep-inside of the teacher: profound kindness that finally strongly connects everyone to her. Should I still mention that Minerva McGonagall was perfectly performed by Maggie Smith, which has made the Harry potter Saga always more fascinating to watch during the last 10 years.

Luisa:Severus Snape is my personal favorite (followed by Hermione Granger) because of his very real mix of goodness, badness, weakness and courage (and, like Hermione, enormous smarts!). Despite the greasy locks, curling lip and biting remarks, Snape's actions over the entire series demonstrated (only confirmed at the denouement, although many of us simply felt it much earlier) that he was a genuine romantic. And who can resist the tragedy of a romantic who muffed it up -- then spent his life (and gave it) atoning?

Long live Severus!

I agree and am glad that Snape made it to the top of the poll. He shows that first impressions can be wrong and that appearances are deceptive. He made mistakes in his youth but so have most people but he always did right by the people he loved. I also love Dobby, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore.

Hagrid, just because he's such a lovable character.

Jenni:I agree with Snape being number one; he's one of the most discussed characters & during the books he always suprises the readers: starting in HP and the Sorcerer's Stone when he actually tried to save Harry, & ending with HP and the Deathly Hallows, where we finally learn all about his love to Lily.My 2nd would be Padfoot as his death was - for me - the most horrible event in all the books (& the one i had to cry the most by far)3rd place would be taken by the Weasly twins for being as funny as they always were.

Number 4 would be Tonks & number 5 Moony, for i love both of them.

Bellatrix Lestrange. Nearly all the children who know Harry Potter in my class love Bella and I think that bad characters are more interesting because they have more secrets and you never know if who you think is good is actually bad.

My favourite character in the Harry Potter series is Remus Lupin, due to the fact he simply does everything for the right reasons, or what he percieves to be the right reasons, he lives and dies for what he believes in.

My favorite Harry Potter character obviously is Severus Snape, I loved him since Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone, but I love because I like Alan Rickman's performance, he's great, he deserves one Oscar and all the awards of the year. Later when I readed the last book and I saw how really he was, I loved him until the end and now it will be "always".

John:1. Neville Longbottom - he shows the most character development over the seven books.2. Snape - by far he has the most intricate and complex role to play in the story, even though we don't learn until the end how well he manages the pressures on him.

3. Dumbledore - same as JK, really, his wisdom and insights are a model for an honest and effective life.

Daniela, from Venezuela
definitivamente estoy de acuerdo con que el favorito sea Severus Snape.... ya que es el personaje que en la mayoría de la historia coloca esa parte de misterio, ese no entender... en el que muchos nos identificamos hasta el final donde nos damos cuenta que era totalmente diferente a lo que desarrollo en buena parte de la película o de los libros... y que supo ocultar muy bien su verdadera identidad... definitivamente Snape es el mejor..!!!! (I definitely agree that the favourite is Severus Snape since he is the most mysterious character in the story, who many of us didn't understand until the very end ... and he knew very well how to hide his true identity ... Snape is definitely the best )

Φρω Εμα:
My favourite character from Harry Potter is Hermione Granger.

I think that it is wonderful that Snape is top of the list. The character teaches not to judge by appearances. This is an important lesson for children to learn.

My favourite character is Luna Lovegood. I like her because she is always very enthusiastic about everything. I don't think she is crazy, I think she just has a wider imagination and thinks differently than other wizards. I like it when in the 5th film she helps Harry after Draco leaves him on the train covered by the invisibility cloak so no one will spot him. I like this part because she spots Harry whilst wearing these fun glasses, that in a way they suit her, to spot Harry.

My Favourite Harry Potter Characters are Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. They are ALL very good actors and you know who they are without even reading or seeing the philosophers stone.

1.I like Neville because he is brave and stands up to his friends and enemies.

2.I like Hermione because she is like me, good in school and top of the grade. She is also brave and active, both things that I like!!!

3. I like Severus Snape because he has a good mixture of goodness and badness and is active and has a good amount of adventure in him!

Mara:My favourite character is Luna Lovegood, she helps me hope for a better future. Ever though her mother has died she is happy and has faith in her friends, family and her decisions. She may be different at times but some people get her and under stand and let the faith and hope fall in her hands.

I hope Luna Lovegood is chosen for favorite character.

Petunia is my favourite character because she is presented as a flat, stereotypically-evil character, but has such depth, as is eventually revealed. Her role as the nurturing matriarch of her small family is balanced by her hissing hatred towards Harry and his father.

Hagrid is my favourite in the Harry Potter series for he is most trusted by Dumbledore "I would trust Hagrid with my life", most interesting gamekeeper who loves dragons, spiders, unicorns, thestrals, who can't keep a secret like many of us, lives in a stone hut most of us would envy, is quick to use magic when he ought not to, rides a motorbike with a side car , and offers nonjudgmental love to the students of Hogworts.

Snape is absolutely my favorite Harry Potter character!

My favourite character from Harry Potter is Severus Snape because his voice and manner of speaking is great! He can be scary, miserable and funny at the same time!

Kristahra:Ronald Weasley is my number one favorite. He's a ginger and who doesn't love a ginger? But seriously, I love Ron because he's definitely not scared to be himself. If he has a fear, then he makes sure people know they exist. Plus his crude remarks and unfiltered mouth on every occasion is amusing.Second would be Snape. His attitude, and smart remarks and downgrading of Harry is funny. Ive never had a teacher such as him and I feel it would've been something in my school days. I've never seen someone hold a grudge for so long. Only to find out in the end he truly does care for the son of the woman he's always been in love with. (sigh). And he's a hopeless romantic. Can I have someone who loves me always?

Third is Miss Luna Lovegood. She stands up for what she believes in whether they are real or not. She doesn't back down and she's brutally honest. Sure she's a few notches from being sane like Harry or Ron or even Hermione, but that's what makes her-her. She's awesome, and brings an excitement to the stories, more than the typical "Voldemort will kill Harry" thing. I'm always ready to listen or read what she'll say next. :)

Theo:Without a doubt Snape is the best. At first he's entertaining. Then he's fascinating. Then he's pivotal. Finally he's moving. I should specify that, although I love the films, my answer applies to the 'deeply horrible' and complicated character from the books. Snape in the films is very enjoyable and vividly acted, but Snape in the novels is a truly great character.

Neville is probably my second favourite.

Kallinikos: [Warning - spoilers!]I am a fan of the Harry Potter Series and I have read all the books. My favorite character was Severus Snape who is followed by Albus Dumbledore. Of course, Snape is nor a lovely guy neither a good professor. He is always bullying at his students and that is extremely negative ! Nevertheless, behind this egocentric and conservative character is well hiden a young man who used to be very happy and enthusiastic of life. He was in love with Lily Evans but his worst enemy was James Potter. Thus, despite his love for Lily he also hated James and this is the main reason why Snape hates Harry . One day he said to Lily an unforgivable word ; MUDBLOOD. After that Snape was hated by Lily and she never again spoke to him .Snape didn't stop loving her . He tried to protect her against death but he failed . Lily died and Snape lost the most lovable and valuable person he has ever had. After Lily's death , Snape became depressed but meanwhile he had to achieve a goal . To protect her son . What I like mostly about Severus Snape's character is not only his rare bravery but also his intelligent plan of protecting Harry Potter. He was a main contributor to Voldemort's defeat although he acted behind the scenes. Snape also took advantage of being a Deatheater and he passed away wrong messages to the Dark Lord. His love for Lily and even for Harry Potter never stopped. A word he said to Dumbledore describes everything ; ALWAYS! Snape was a complicated character and as Rowling has said he was a great character to write. He was not a hero , absolutely not ! However, he was brave , extemely brave . Braver than anyone else. This subversive character will ALWAYS have my love and admiration . ALWAYS ,UNTIL THE END!I would also like to share a part of the book which is extremely moving ;Look...at...me..." he [Snape] whispered.

The green eyes found the black, but after a second, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to vanish, leaving them fixed, bland, and empty. The hand holding Harry thudded to the floor, and Snape moved no more.

Samantha:Snape is the best. FTW!!

I love his biting remarks, sarcasm, the way he is described.

We think hes evil and selfish, working for the dark lord, a murdererand at the end it turns out how muchhe sacrificed how he tries all the time to keep that foolish boy who-just-doesnt-want-to-diealive. How he was trapped between two forces he doesnt wanted to belong to the Death Eathersbut by the orden almost nobody trust him, he is all alone. The way he manages to keep a blank mask never releaving his emotions.I love the scenes where he almost fails like when he tries not to smile when Mrs. Norris got petrified. Revealing how he hates the cat

like anyone else (ex. Flich) in the castle.

But he shows how badass he is by spying on Voldemort, and in the 6 book we got to see what a genie he was/is.He is good at everything. DADA, potions Legilimentic occlumentic, wandless nonverbal magicPersonally I like his black aura black long hair, black eyes, black huge robes, (Alan Rickmans voice, the way he talks as Snape)


I can't forgive JK Rowling for killing him ('Im however thankful to her to creating him and his world).He should've lived happily ever after

with his humor sarkyness and NOT alone (married girlfriend, family, don't say he didn't deserved it!!!)

And I do think Alan Rickman is a great actor with a beutifull voice.Just makes me want to listen to him all the time (probably its a woman thing :))He played a perfect Snape.

You've got o love him

my 2 would be Bellatrix (also thanks for Helena Bonham Carter)3 Hermione4 Voldemort5 McGonagall5,5 Weasly twins (together theyre One)6 Lupins

7 Mad-Eye

I think george weasley is the best harry potter character because he is funny.

My favourite harry potter characters are snape, voldemort, dobby, kreacher, the malfoys, bellatrix. my least favourite are harry, ron, hermione, james.

Iain:I believe that Professor McGonagall should reach the number one position for the favourite character. She describes everything the books possesses, from courage, intelligence, love and ambition. She shows power with her skills but cares for each of her students and shares her intelligence.

Then following should be Professor Snape due to the secrets unveiled from the final book about his love for Harry due to his care of Lily and his constant obsession of her. Then following should be Hermione, Ron and Harry and Dobby.

Snape has to be my favourite character, and its awesome that he was voted the best character. His character had realistic traits, with the anger, love, hate, betrayal, incredible genius and everything else. I actually cried watching his death and his memories. After him, my favourites are Hermione, Dobby, Harry, Fed and George and Luna, but to be honest, I like them all really.

I totally agree Snape is the best character for me his passion and selflessness and who he is as a person makes him stand out to me. He is witty, intelligent, giving, caring, passionate and extremely funny and strict. He is an unsung hero always giving the best of himself without others knowing even though it makes others think the worst of him he remains completely loyal and loving. My second favourite didn't make the list though unfortunately, Kingsley Shacklebolt is just a fantastic character with such style :)

Dine:Severus Snape is definitely my favorite character. Alan Rickman play the role so well as the 'bad' guy even though he is not that bad. Snape is brilliant. As second choice - Harry Potter because he is out brilliant main character. Thirth choice - Lucius Malfoy because he is the bad guy that almost fall apart.

Forth choice - Sirius Black because he helps Harry.

Dobby, because he's just so loveable until JK Rowling killed him :-(