What is the composition of nucleoside Mcq?

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What is the composition of nucleoside Mcq?

1.  A nucleoside is composed of

b) a base+ a sugar+ phosphate

2. Genetic mutation occurs in

b) nucleus, mitochondria and ER

c) nucleus, mitochondria and choloroplast

d) nucleus, mitochondria and RER

4. DNA is the genetic material in

a) viruses, prokaryote and eukaryote

b) prokaryote and eukaryote

d) in some viruses, prokaryotes and eukaryotes

5. The two strands in a DNA double is joined by

What is the composition of nucleoside Mcq?

6. Chromatin is composed of

a) nucleic acids and protein

7. The basic repeating units of a DNA molecule is

8. Adjacent nucleotides are joined by

9.  The length of one turn of DNA is

10.  The type of sugar in DNA are

What is the composition of nucleoside Mcq?
Nucleotide in DNA

11. The width of DNA molecule is

12. The length of DNA having 23 base pairs is

d) single stranded nature

15. A short length of DNA molecule has 80 thymine and 80 guanine bases. The total number of nucleotide in the DNA fragment is

Biochemistry Multiple Choice Questions on “Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids Basics”.

1. Identify the purine base of nucleic acids in the following.A. CytosineB. ThymineC. UracilD. Adenine

Answer: D
Clarification: Purines have two rings in their structure, but pyrimidine bases have only one ring. Adenine has two rings in its structure.

What is the composition of nucleoside Mcq?

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